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Are you having difficulty feeling calm and relaxed?

Do you find yourself restless and agitated quite often?

Do you find it hard to get over the past and unable to focus on the present moment?

Do you find yourself ruminating on something again and again?

How are you coping during a difficult time in your life?

We are here to help you to flow with life with more calmness, confidence and joy. We can help you to create a plan for a future of better mental health and well-being.

Our Services

We provide high quality counselling 1:1 service for adult clients who are experiencing high level of anxiety and stress. We also focus on supporting people who have been through a difficult and traumatic time in their life.

We can create a clear plan for you to move forward with your mental health so you can have a work-life balance and at the same time we keep in mind the importance of letting things unravel as part of your learning and healing journey.

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